Through the development of Hurricane Preppers, there has been several consultations with business
entrepreneurs, business executives, strategic operations directors and developmental planners. During
all these preparations, there has been some inquiries which I would like to share with my customers
regarding the following questions.

Hurricane Preppers chose a membership due to several factors but was absolutely swayed by the following statement from the owner. “I want my customers to feel that they belong to a special group, a group without the restraints and strangleholds of corporate America, a group that will bend the rules during different types of situations and that will stand behind them kind of like one big family”.

The delivery process was thought out and planned for months. Hurricane Preppers knows exactly what can be delivered in one day, one hour and certainly within the five-day deadline. The secret is in the preparation. Keeping accurate and detailed recordings from the office to the driver and having weekly training is a priority.

If Hurricane preppers falls short of a customer’s delivery for any reason, that customer should expect a call from the owner, a free membership for the following year and even a refund.

Hurricane Preppers would have sent every customer their entitled package. The comfort of knowing that we executed our business goal would have been all the success we needed and the customer would have certainly felt the comfort and reassurance during that period.

The packages are uniformly priced to make the whole business operation easier for everyone. When a customer enrolls and selects their package, Hurricane Preppers immediately gathers that material and holds it for them so it is readily available for delivery. Since each package consists of a different product
price, that would mean the membership fee would have to change based on the package that they have selected. Hurricane Preppers designed the 6 packages to where If the packages were spread out evenly, we could keep the one price based structure. If one or two packages outsell all of the others, the price structure will most certainly have to change.

No, while we would love to say yes to that question, please remember that the product was already bought and is being held for delivery. Hurricane Preppers will also have drivers on standby, training exercises, office staff, insurance and building storage during the entire hurricane season.

Generally, it takes about two weeks to receive and/or make your supplies, however this also depends on several other factors. Hurricane Preppers strongly recommend that you enroll and become a member 2-3 weeks prior to a storm to guarantee your delivery.