Lifeline Package – The Lifeline kit is assembled by Hurricane Preppers. If an item in the kit is damaged and/or non-functioning, please call our toll-free number – 1-833 I AM Ready, to report the issue. Hurricane Preppers will take every appropriate step to rectify the situation before the storm. Hurricane Preppers will drop off the kit at or near the front door and will take a photo of the drop off if no one is home to accept delivery. If someone is home over the age of 18, a signature will be required. Hurricane Preppers is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Sandbag Package – The sandbags are filled on site at Hurricane Preppers location and stored in a dry area to avoid mold and bacteria growth. Hurricane Preppers will deliver the sandbags and leave them at the edge of your property or as close to the house as possible without impeding parking, traffic or pedestrian travel. Hurricane Preppers will photo the drop off if no one is home to accept delivery. Hurricane Preppers is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Documentation Package – By enrolling as a member of Hurricane Preppers, you are granting our agent(s) permission to enter your property. Hurricane Preppers will photo all sides of the house as well as the property surroundings, including fences, sheds, vehicles, etc. and will attempt to cover all aspects of your home. The return assessment will be made within 5-7days after the storm AND when the roads are open and deemed safe to travel by the Florida Department of Transportation. In the event that your property suffers damage, Hurricane Preppers will photo all areas of concern and the overall condition of your property will be noted, however if the condition of your property is hazardous or unsafe to enter, you will be notified by phone and/or sent an email notification. Hurricane Preppers will never access or try to access any building, structure, shed or dwelling on your property.

Helping Hands – Hurricane Preppers will send one or two agents to your home to assist with gathering loose items on your property to prevent objects from becoming projectiles. This may include moving patio furniture, grills, basketball hoops, tools, toys, trampolines, etc. Hurricane Preppers Helping Hands package is based on a time limit which is one person assisting for one hour or two people for 30 minutes. Hurricane Preppers will not clean the yard of branches, sticks, leaves, garbage (in bags or loose) or anything that they feel is beyond the scope of reaching the package objective.

Tree Package – If you have a fallen tree on your property due to the hurricane and more than half of the tree is down, Hurricane Preppers will remove that tree from its fallen location so long as it has not hit a structure. The tree on your property will be removed from its location and will be placed at the edge of your property awaiting pick up from FEMA. Hurricane Preppers will not remove the tree, branches, brush or any part of the tree from your property. Hurricane Preppers will send a team of professionals to cut up the fallen tree and bring all of the wood, brush, branches, etc. to roadside. Hurricane Preppers uses a bobcat machine for this removal. The homeowner or someone over the age of 18 who knows the property should be home when Hurricane Preppers arrives. The machine operator should be privy to the locations of septic tanks, underground lines, sprinkler heads and the like. Hurricane Preppers will not be responsible for lawn damage. In certain cases where fencing may have to be removed by Hurricane Preppers in order to access the area of the fallen tree, Hurricane Preppers will be required to restore your fence. If there is damage to your home or property during the process of the tree removal created by Hurricane Preppers, our policies set forth warrant repairs to be made at our expense. The only repair that Hurricane Preppers will not make or be responsible for is lawn damage or tire tracks created by the Bobcat.

Generator – The generators supplied by Hurricane Preppers are at least 3500 watts and come with a full tank of gasoline. Because damages can be created from a generator due to improper use and/or placement, there are a list of safety regulations that accompany each generator along with a manual of acceptable appliances. The generators are the property of Hurricane Preppers and will be picked up after the storm and when use is no longer needed. Generators often get stolen because of the high demand when people lose power, for this reason, Hurricane Preppers suggest that you lock the generator with a chain and padlock or even a bicycle lock. The generator should be locked and attached to an item that is securely fastened to the ground like a tree or a cemented pole. A person over the age of 18 is required to accept delivery of the generator and sign the acceptance form. Hurricane Preppers does not supply extension cords but will provide an extra 5-gallon gas can full of fuel. A typical generator runs about 8 hours continuously on one tank of gas so what you are plugging in is important to surviving the duration of the outage. It is recommended and suggested by professionals that you only use the generator when needed to maximize the length of time it can be used. Hurricane Preppers will not be responsible for the cost of the generator should it be lost, stolen or damaged. Hurricane Preppers will also not be responsible for any damages created due to negligence, carelessness or improper use.

Money Exchange – Although tipping is allowed, Hurricane Preppers agents will never ask you for money. All Hurricane Preppers agents adhere to our strict policy and understand the rules of soliciting. Should one of our agents ask you for money or try to sell you something other than what you have already paid for, please contact us at once, toll free at 1-833-I AM READY.

Protocols and Policies – All of Hurricane Preppers agents undergo a background check and adhere to our strict policies set forth by our internal hiring divisional process and protocol director. Our agents maintain a strong level of professionalism and courteousness and we encourage feedback from our members!