Hurricane preppers is based out of Port Orange, Florida and is owned by one individual. Hurricane Preppers is not franchised and the services are not outsourced. The owner works the phone, makes deliveries and is involved in every facet of daily activity to ensure the best possible service to all of his customers.

Hurricane Preppers owner and founder moved to Florida in 2015 from Connecticut and quickly found work in law enforcement at a University in Daytona Beach. In 2017, when hurricane Irma hit, he noticed mass confusion, empty shelves, price gouging and an overall very chaotic atmosphere. Since over 4000 students lived on Campus and his job was to protect them, he found this task extremely difficult when searching for the necessities like water, alternative power and general help. He also noticed that although after the hurricane there was an outpouring of help from all sorts of people and organizations, there was almost no help BEFORE the storm. In 2018, he began working on his idea that a membership-based company would offer all of this help of the essential supplies that was desperately needed and lacking. This level of help would offer not only comfort, but the reassurance would certainly be a true blessing for the people of Florida knowing they are not alone, before, during or after a hurricane. Two years and a lot of thought, research, hard work and strategic planning later, Hurricane Preppers was born. The concept is quite simple, solve a major problem and offer an unparalleled service while keeping the price reasonable and affordable. The owner brings his strong work ethic and professionalism to form a company which will truly weather the storm!